About Our School

About Us

Our Mission

Guiding our Students to Acquire the Right Knowledge, Skill and Desired Values through Holistic and Qualitative Education


We offer one of the best Girl-child Education in Nigeria. We offer variety of subjects in the science, art and commercial areas and our team of highly dedicated and passionate teachers are adequately motivated to raise well-cultured, educated, respectable, God-fearing Women who will make huge contributions to the development of their immediate environment and the nation at large.

Our past and present acheivements shows that our Girls are Intelligent and Excellent in all ramifications. Talk of Academics, Sports, Arts, Crafts, Music and Godliness, our Girls are Excellent in all.


                  COLLEGE ANTHEM

  1. Federal Government Girls’ Ezzamgbo,

          The Citadel where champions are built;

         Though girls we have visions and dreams

         To succeed and become heroine


         Chorus: We are girls (2x)

         Pro-Unitated for life

        We are girls (2x)

        The seed of greatness is in us


         2.  We are singing of this great College;

              To God alone be all the glory

              He makes the difference in our lives;

              We salute our great commander

Important Message : Students are to resume on the 9th of January 2022 as Academic Activities will commence on Monday 10th of January 2022
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